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Ministry Update

Dear Friends,

What a privilege to get the opportunity to serve our great Lord in this day we live.  There are so many people that are so confused, restless, and so lost without Christ in their hearts.  Folks we have a great responsibility! Yes, we have been commissioned! We have the answer to their problems, but we have sure become slack in coming to their rescue.  I sincerely believe time is short.  We need to be busy for Him.

It has been mine and Mrs. Jenny’s privilege to be home some this Summer and just be out representing the Ministry here on Sundays.  As I am writing this letter, we are in the middle of our 4th week of Camp here at Calvary.  Our 5th week is still to come!  Many have been helped for the Cause of Christ.  These 5 weeks are always special to us.  They are not any more important than the other 47 weeks that we can help men and couples.  Men and couples who have lost direction in their lives and need a place to go to let Christ work in their life.   24/7/365 days of the year God is changing lives here at Calvary.  We get to be involved in the work!  We are so blessed!

With that being said, we also want to say thank you to Churches, Pastors and individuals who faithfully support financially and through prayer the work that God is doing here at Calvary.  You are such a blessing and encouragement to us as we continue to Throw a Rope of Hope to those who seem to have lost their way.  There is sure hope in Christ.

Thank you for your faithfulness and love for Calvary Baptist Ministries.  Please continue to pray as we endeavor to do what God has called us to do.


God Bless & Happy Trails,


Bro. JR

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